Introduction to Metaphysics

6 Weeks commencing 4/10/2016       Cost: $297 Places limitedth-1

This course will expose you to:-
– understand universal energy the building block of all things
– explore the extent of the potential of that energy
– develop intuitive skills
– explore many branches of healing and energy

What does the Course Cover?
Energy – exploring energy fields
The auric system – makeup, use, protection, feel, sense and see
The chakra system – 7 areas of development, colour and crystal balancing

Introduction to Metaphysics
The psychic senses – understand and explore the ‘clairs’ with practical exercises
Manifesting – Law of Attraction in action
Creating an Altars & using rituals
Universal Laws – principle for all life
Contact healing/distant healing – working with a professional healer to practice healing skills

This is a basic outline and other subjects will be brought in, as and when required by students. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers, discussion and practice in the session and also on-going support via email where required.

Next course date:   4th October 2016  at 7pm

Location :  Langwarrin



Meditation And Self Discovery

5 Weeks in duration th-2

Starting Thursday evenings – 6th October 2016 7pm till 9.30pm

Every Thursday evening for 5 weeks – $40.00 per class – pay as you go or $210.00 up front for the full 5 weeks.

Understand your own deeper patterns, habits and behaviours

This course will introduce you to techniques that will help you alter the areas of life that are not working and turn them into ones that do work for you.  Understand yourself on a deeper level and learn how to be a taller and better you.  Stress relief is a must in this high pressure world – learn the art of meditation – slow down the mental chatter – learn techniques to help you cope!

This course is proving to be life changing for many – Bookings essential

Cost:  $40.00 per class – pay as you go OR $210.00 up front for the full 5 weeks.

Bookings:     Tickets for full course  click here