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How does coaching work?

Coaching is conducted 2-4 times a month face to face, via Skype or on the phone. Sessions are 45 – 50 minutes long. You choose the goals you would like to achieve. Coaching is honest and challenging. It keeps you focused and teaches you the skills to reach your desired goals in a framework of a safe and caring working relationship.

Who can coaching help?redefining love

Consider if you are ready to…

  • Make the changes needed to be successful
  • Fulfill your deepest personal and relational desires
  • Question limiting beliefs that sabotage your success
  • Own your thoughts, actions and results
  • Move forward even when you feel stuck
  • Achieve balance and express your passions
  • Choose healthy relationships / choose love

How long do people continue coaching?

Every client’s needs are different. A tailored coaching program can be designed to meet your personal and financial requirements (packages are available).

Complimentary Strategic Session

A 15 minute strategic session is offered to prospective clients at no cost.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Traditional therapy, a healing profession, helps you understand, heal and gain closure on troubling events, attitudes or behaviors which originated in your past and are adversely affecting your present. Coaching focuses on moving you forward by using external solutions to overcome barriers, uses your strengths, teaches you new skills and helps you to implement effective choices for a more rewarding future. Coaching and psychotherapy can be used separately or jointly to create a strong foundation for your life.

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