Performance Masking Protocol | Alter Ego

Performance Masking Protocol | Alter Ego

How to create an alter ego which produces peak performance results.

Today I was listening to this training by Todd Herman and it just resonated with me so I decided to do a blog!

So what is performance masking protocol and alter ego, I can hear you all silently asking yourselves.  Let me explain.

Watch my video I did on this and then read the rest of the blog.


Performance Masking Protocol

 There are 5 stages to this protocol and they are:

  1. The Personal Limits Analysis
  2. The Talent Magnifier
  3. The Origin Profile
  4. The Artefact Enhancer
  5. The Immersion Experience

Each of these 5 area’s will have their own main categories under each stage.  I won’t go into all of this in too much detail but will just lightly touch on some of them to give you an idea of what I mean by performance masking protocol and creating an alter ego to help you create peak performance results in your business.

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The Personal Limits Analysis

The Personal Limits Analysis is all about unpacking the parts of your personality that holds you back. And they typically fall into 3 main categories…

These categories I will give you examples of so you can see what I am trying to explain:

  • JUDGEMENT ~ What you are concerned other people will judge you for IF you chase your goals or take the actions you’ve been putting off?
  • WORRIES ~ What are you worried about with regards to your ultimate goals you’re striving for?
  • FEARS ~ What are the irrational fears and stories you’re telling yourself?

The Talent Magnifier

 The Talent Magnifier is where you shine a light on the natural parts of you

OR someone you’d want to be like that would be the most beneficial to helping you become successful in the field of work you’re in or business.

 Again this one has 3 main categories as well to organize your thinking under:

  • PHYSICAL ~ How do you see yourself looking when at your best? What would your body language be like?  What would other people see when looking at you?  Envisage this in your mind, write it down.
  • MENTAL ~ When at your best what are you thinking? What do you think about yourself?  Again, write this down.
  • EMOTIONAL ~ How are you feeling about yourself and the work you’re doing? What are the top 3 emotions you consistently feel as your best business self?  Be honest with yourself, and write your feelings down .


The Origin Profile

The Origin Profile is about inspiration. It’s critically important that we develop a story about our alter ego’s origin. Humans are storytelling machines and if you don’t develop a Alter egostory about where your alter ego is from and going too then you’ll have a thinly veneer that won’t stand up to the pressures of life.

When you connect to the story of who you are, what you’re about and what you stand for, you develop a deeply resonant connection to this new version of yourself.

Some questions to think about:

  1. Are there any people you respect?
  2. Or would like to be like? Why?
  3. What are their qualities?
  4. Is there a character from the movies, TV, Books etc. who inspires you? Could you take on parts of that character?

Once more, write your answers down.


The Artifact Enhancer

The Artifact Enhancer is a physical object you’ll use to help ground you into your character or alter ego. It’s explicitly ONLY used when you are stepping into that character or heightened version of yourself.

It could be something you wear, use or see.   For example, a pen, a piece of clothing that makes you feel good, a peak cap and so on. 

Here Todd Herman gave the example of the glasses that he wears. Not because he cannot see, but because he felt he looked very young when he was first asked to give a presentation that he ‘believed’ no one would see him as a figure of authority, so he wore glasses.  This gave him the ‘power’ he needs to feel comfortable talking to his audience


The Immersion Experience

The Immersion Experience is about bringing all of the pieces together and causing your alter ego to come alive. A couple of the key parts of this process are: 

  • Establishing the real sensory experience of what it’s truly like to be this character, alter ego or whatever you’d like to call it. Engage all the senses.
  • Linking the artefact with the sensory experience so that when you put it on, use it or see it – there’s an immediate shift in your demeanour.

This a very simple part of the process, BUT it’s something that takes practice.  You’re trying to create a powerful trigger effect so that the best version of yourself shows up automatically.

This process will still allow you to be YOU at home and with your friends, but the true Immersion Experience is what you become when you are seen in your business.

Be deliberate to best serve the outcome you are looking for but remember, you still have to offer Value!

This will help you remove all that friction and fear you feel during your day when working.  Try it and leave me your comments below as to how it works for you

I hope you found my blog on

Performance Masking Protocol interesting


Ben Franklin once said, ‘Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75.’  Life is a blisteringly short cosmic blink.  Rise and Grind’’


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3 Years From Now, Where Will You Be?

3 years from now, where will you be?

Where are you in your life at the moment?

Are you where you planned to be when you started your life journey?

going through hell
3 Years from Now, Where Will YOU be?

I know I was not where I had planned to be 1 year ago..

If you are not happy with your reality, then you need to change your routine.

Only when you change your routine, will your reality change.


You need to set non-negotiables in your life.  Time for yourself to read or listen to a motivational pod cast, or simply spend time with your family?

So whether you are in your thirties, forties or even older, maybe close to retirement, you need to ask yourself, are you happy with your reality (your life today)?

YOU have an eccentric value and as a person you have a value, you are valuable. When people want you to negotiate on YOUR time, to compromise YOU, you need to stand up and say NO.  Time to stop being so negotiable to your worth!

You are valuable and to know how valuable you are you have to know your purpose.  What is your purpose?  Once you understand your purpose, you will not negotiate on your value and beliefs.

By reading you will begin to question your worth and put into action what you need to do to honour your worth.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything!!! 

Is this you?

Because this simple line is so powerful.

What DO you Stand for??  Do you even know???

What are you going to stand for?   What are your principles?  Are you distracted by peer pressure?  Or do you stand for yourself?

The more you continue to do all for anyone and not yourself, the longer and longer and longer you will not be seeing the things that you want.

You need to take action and say “Yes” I want my REALITY.  Only when you can stand for something and put the non-negotiables in place and write them down, will you achieve and BE the best version of yourself.

What are some non-negotiables that you are going to stand by and honour?

You need to honour your non-negotiables, what are they?  You know what they are BUT you need to stop not honouring your non-negotiable things in your life.

In your business or your family life, if you begin to start honouring your non-negotiables and begin to be non-negotiable with your commitments, only then will you succeed.

You believe and know you are worthy of better things, but you have to first understand that there is a certain type of person that lives that type of life…  there are attributes and qualities that you need to attain to become that person.  Only then will you attain that life.

Write down the non-negotiables inside your life, your families life, your business and Stand by and Honour them.  It could be purely enjoying family quality time every weekend..  Honour that.

If you are not honouring your non-negotiables in your life you need to take action now!  If you don’t you will NEVER ACHIEVE YOUR REALITY.

If you want to change your reality and feel you need help doing that, I am able to help you with that.  Simply contact me at

So please, take action today to change your life and start being non-negotiable in your life and reality.

Take care and see you soon


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