3 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Three Steps to Inner Creativity

Whether you are looking to transform a life of sadness and depression into one of happiness and joy, or you are wishing to take your artistry to a higher level, instead of keeping your attention on the goal, focus on taking these three steps:


The first step toward unleashing the open flow of creativity is to attain a state of openness. That requires clearing away your negative self-image.

People who are stuck always seem to have excuses for not moving forward. not having Inner Transformationenough money or lacking support from loved ones, friends, or colleagues are very common examples. You may think, “I’m not good enough,” or “no one else has done it before,” or “This is not the right time and place.” But whether you have ten reasons or one hundred, external factors are not the real obstacle. The real block is within. It’s not that someone else is in your way—you yourself are the block. You are attached to the aspect of yourself that is blocking the way.

There are many methods for clearing awareness and improving self-image. Talk therapy is one. Practicing yoga is another. on a deeper level, meditation techniques such as the Bön Buddhist practices of tsa lung or the nine breathings of purification can help you clear the physical, energetic, and mental obstacles associated with negative self-image.

Here is a simple clearing practice you can try right now in order to begin the process of unleashing your creative energy:

  • Notice your internal dialogue. Are you always telling yourself things like: “This can’t work,” “no one will like it,” “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have the energy,” or “It’s not worth the trouble.” Identify your primary obstacle. simply being aware that it is within you can help begin the process of unblocking.
  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take a moment to feel the stillness of your body. Listen and hear the silence within and around you, and abide in the spaciousness of your mind. rest in this place of openness for a few minutes or longer.
  • Now, from that place of stillness, silence, and spaciousness, bring your main obstacle back into awareness. observe it nakedly, without concepts, judging, or evaluating. This is what I call “selecting” the issue.
  • Take in a deep breath of pure awareness, bringing it directly into the image or energetic feeling of the inner obstacle you have selected. As you exhale, breathe out the blockage and experience it dissolving into space. Be aware of that space and effortlessly rest there for a few minutes.

Repeat this breathing cycle over and over until you start to feel clearer inside. The more you become aware of what is blocking your creative flow and practice clearing it, the more you discover and cultivate a more positive sense of self that is based on the absence of obstacle. This much larger sense of self has nothing to do with identity and everything to do with openness. You are the infinite space that has opened up.

You may fear that without your old, familiar sense of pain identity, you are nothing. But Inner Transformationas you clear your sense of negative self-image, you can begin to discover that in its absence, you are everything. A sense of self that is founded in openness is unchanging, indestructible, and confident.

Whatever practice you use, the point is to discover a place of spaciousness within. Give time not only to clearing obstacles but also to becoming familiar with what opens up as a result. every moment you spend in a state of openness is cumulative and supports your ability to be in the flow. Let go, rest in the openness, and become familiar with it. Cultivate confidence in the realization that your true inner being cannot be changed by any force.


If you can successfully clear the clouds of negative self-image and become more familiar with the vast sky, then by resting deeply enough in that space, you will begin to feel an even greater opening and sense of peace. The sparkling qualities manifesting in that space are the light of awareness and potentiality.

so the second step toward unleashing a free flow of creativity is to cultivate and connect fully with that awareness and sense of unlimited potential. once you do so, you can come to realize that not only are you more than you had always thought you were, but your entire world is full of positive alternatives. nothing is missing in your life; you are complete.

Finding solutions to problems may only require a new perspective, but sometimes it requires exploring whole new horizons. For example, in recent months I’ve met many people who have been telling me they can’t find work. But I truly feel that the reason they can’t find a job is only because they are the same person looking in the same types of places where they found no jobs before. The point here is to consciously and energetically let go of feeling not only internally blocked but also externally blocked.

It is very hard to look in a new place for solutions when you are the same old person. When there are obstacles in the way of reaching a professional, personal, or spiritual goal, a shift has to take place within you.


Once you have realized a sense of openness, confidence, and unlimited potential, then qualities of joy—what I call warmth—can naturally arise. It is only from this warmth that creativity, finally, will freely manifest. The third condition for Inner Transformationconnecting with your creative nature, therefore, is to notice and nurture a feeling of warmth.

Just as the sky is the primary source of the sun and the oxygen-rich wind, which in turn give birth to all the flowers and trees, openness is the primary source of confidence and warmth, which in turn give birth to creative and enlightened manifestation.

Warmth is the place from which love, kindness, compassion, expansiveness, and creativity arise. It’s like sitting in a patch of sunlight in cold weather. As the light warms you, you begin to smile. The warmth you experience is a sense of feeling complete or, more specifically, no longer feeling incomplete. You are conscious that any feelings of inadequacy have dissolved and that you are more connected to your true self, so naturally you feel complete.

Once anger is cleared, its antidote—love—can more spontaneously arise. once sadness and feelings of inadequacy are cleared, joy and completeness are revealed. I’m not just saying this; for centuries, yogis and other practitioners have witnessed these results from meditation practice, and my own students have seen such effects within a few days of practice.

When you create more space and awareness, positive qualities naturally arise. The more familiar you become with a sense of warmth, the more often these joyful feelings will be evident. If this warmth is something you have seldom felt before, it’s only because you have never before provided the space for it to manifest.

If you feel the stirring of joy, just be aware of it. Particularly feel it in your heart, and allow it to expand throughout your body—through your blood, your skin. Feel all the billions of cells in your body communicating with each other through this joy. Let your voice speak from that place, and you will feel warmth reflecting back on you from the people you speak with.

This is something you’ve wanted and needed all your life, and now you are feeling it. Warmth is not goal oriented; it is about connecting with your very being. Creativity flows from here.

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