How Much is Too Much?

How much is too much? 

I am talking money here.  Take a moment to watch my video before you continue to read on.

At what point do you want to limit or cap your income?   What is the belief that you have in your head that says “you are not worth more that $xxx?  Does more than $3000 a month scare you?  Or would you be happy with $8000 a month?  Does $8000 a month sound unrealistic to achieve to you?

My next question to you would then be, ‘Who wants to limit their income?’   

If this is how you think, that you can only make $xxx a month, this is limiting you reaching your true potentialThe more money you have the more people you can impact in your life.

A lot of people just want to earn what they earn in their current job. They believe that that is what they are worth. A lot of people are scared to make more money.  Some people are just not comfortable making a lot of money. 

They live from pay cheque to pay cheque as this is how they were brought up and this is what they believe is what they need to be doing.

Some people just cannot comprehend that people can make $80K in a month, most people have never known or met anyone who makes that kind of money so people view this as a scam, not possible to do…   when they hear others saying they are doing that.   I have met and know these people, I can call some of them my friends.  No I am not one of them, but I will be as I have no limit to my income level.

However, I do believe that one can always start small and slowly grow.

Here is an example of a Financial Thermostat:

Let’s set the scene.  ALL YOUR BILLS ARE PAID…. However the following amounts are excess for you to do with as you please, so just read the sentence and honestly answer them one at a time.

  • Are you comfortable taking $500.00 and spend it on yourself
  • Are you comfortable taking $1000.00 and you have two hours to spend t, what would you spend it on.
  • Are you comfortable taking $5000.00 and spending it within a week on anything you want?  What would you spend it on?
  • Are you comfortable taking $10,000.00 and spending it within a week on anything you want?  What would you spend it on?
  • Are you comfortable taking $30,000.00 and spending it within two weeks on anything you want?  What would you spend it on?

When you cannot imaging spending that amount of money or have nothing you could think of to spend it on, then that is your earning cap that you should be aiming for.  Everything is paid off and now what do I do with the money?

In order to have more, you have to become more.  You have to align your vision and your purpose.

We are here to not only make money but to help people as well.   We can only help people truly once we are financially free.

After you have taken care of your family, what can you do with this money?  That is the point that you can start reaching out and helping other people in the world.

What does your bank account normally look like, is there a few hundred dollars in the account or does it go into the negative every month?  That is also a sign of your financial thermostat.  How can you increase that if this is your situation?  Maybe you earn thousands every month, but you never have more than a $1000.00 balance at the end of the month.  You never seem to be able to add to it.  How can you change this?  How to grow that balance month in and month out?  Maybe even keeping it at $10,000.00 and know that if it drops below that, it will automatically go up again?   How amazing would that be?

Do you see what I am saying here?  If anything that I am writing about resonates with you, keep on reading, we can change.

A book that I have read on this type of behaviour is ‘Secrets of a Millionaires Mind’ ~ by T Harv Eker, not too long, only about 230 pages.  He talks about getting rid of your old files.  By files he is referring to your childhood beliefs. 

So, how DO YOU get rid of the beliefs you have from when you were growing up   A lot of things are imbedded in our minds when we were raised.  Things we had heard, seen or been told which may not be true, may not be fact, yet we believe them.  Negative beliefs. For example, => negative conversation responses, ‘how’s your day?’ response ‘Same as ever or boring’, or ‘just making enough for the bills’.   These ae negative beliefs that you may have heard growing up but they will hold you back and stop you for wanting to make more.  That however, is not a real life  …  you need to be living your life that you deserve.

Re-calibrate your Financial Thermostat  is a short video I have included (around 5 minutes) that explains this for you.

Another belief is that money is hard to come by that when it does, spend it!  When you get money it gives you that feeling that you have money (or power) so then you just want to BUY something as you now have some money and you don’t know when you will have money again.

I am in business, not only to make money but to help other people out.  That is when one can really start stretching out and wanting to help others in the world, when you have excess money.

What was your limiting belief for money? 

Your limiting belief is a representation of what you can do on this earth.  The more money you have, the more money you can help other people.  Having to maybe change your belief and how you see your reality, will not only change your life, once you do change your mind set on money, you will be able to start living your life a little differently, sure for the better.

‘Born to be Rich’ is another book I would like to reference wherein the author talks about a formula for a prosperous life!

Love people, use money   ……    If you flip it around to ‘love money and use people’, this is when it becomes disastrous in ones life.  You lose perspective of what is important in your life and only focus on the money side of things.     

Life does occasionally throw things at you.  WHEN Tragedy does hit, we really don’t want to wait for that to happen before we make changes.  I want to be at that point that should that happen, I am able to cope with it.  If you are not making enough money now, how would you recover from something like that? How much is too much.   That should tragedy hit you and your family, will you be able to afford it.  

Make as much money as you can while you can with no cap on it. Stop limiting your ability to earn money

I chose not to live from pay check to pay check every month any more about 10 months ago.  I have not looked back since.  My retirement is even finally looking rosy.

This is when life becomes more enjoyable.   If you had more time, would you like to make more money?  If you made more money, you would have more time.   Both very congruent.  Money is time and time is money.    Money and time are both the same thing! 

Sometimes we love the money and use the people as the money is so important. Sometimes people need money so badly that they hurt the people around them because they just need to get the money.  We exclude family and friends as we are desperate for that money.  We isolate people around us as we need to get the money.

Here are 5 area’s we need to keep focused on to make our lives and work successful.

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Friends
  • Finances

If you can manage your life with these 5 parts,   Faith is spiritual or if you are not spiritual then self-development, Family you want to be able to include them as part of the journey.  This is true for freedom and financial as well.  When you can get them involved in the journey THAT is true Financial Freedom.    Many of us tend to focus on the one of these 5 and not incorporating all of them together.

Financial thermostat

What income are you comfortable making?  Can you visualise yourself earning more than you currently do? 

Understand the formula ~  Love People and Use Money

Manage the 5 “F”s.   When you have that all in place then you say You know what level of income can generate?   Is that where you want to stop or do you want to make more?  The more money enables you to help more people.  It will give your more time freedom!

Money is just a score board which allows you measure your potential it’s to show how much you can help in this world.

By following these steps, they will allow you to become the true person that you are. 

All the best in your journey.

3 Years from now, where will you be?  is a prevous blog I wrote which will explain more on changing your mind to find your reality, your reality being your vision and your purpose.

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3 Years From Now, Where Will You Be?

3 years from now, where will you be?

Where are you in your life at the moment?

Are you where you planned to be when you started your life journey?

going through hell
3 Years from Now, Where Will YOU be?

I know I was not where I had planned to be 1 year ago..

If you are not happy with your reality, then you need to change your routine.

Only when you change your routine, will your reality change.


You need to set non-negotiables in your life.  Time for yourself to read or listen to a motivational pod cast, or simply spend time with your family?

So whether you are in your thirties, forties or even older, maybe close to retirement, you need to ask yourself, are you happy with your reality (your life today)?

YOU have an eccentric value and as a person you have a value, you are valuable. When people want you to negotiate on YOUR time, to compromise YOU, you need to stand up and say NO.  Time to stop being so negotiable to your worth!

You are valuable and to know how valuable you are you have to know your purpose.  What is your purpose?  Once you understand your purpose, you will not negotiate on your value and beliefs.

By reading you will begin to question your worth and put into action what you need to do to honour your worth.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything!!! 

Is this you?

Because this simple line is so powerful.

What DO you Stand for??  Do you even know???

What are you going to stand for?   What are your principles?  Are you distracted by peer pressure?  Or do you stand for yourself?

The more you continue to do all for anyone and not yourself, the longer and longer and longer you will not be seeing the things that you want.

You need to take action and say “Yes” I want my REALITY.  Only when you can stand for something and put the non-negotiables in place and write them down, will you achieve and BE the best version of yourself.

What are some non-negotiables that you are going to stand by and honour?

You need to honour your non-negotiables, what are they?  You know what they are BUT you need to stop not honouring your non-negotiable things in your life.

In your business or your family life, if you begin to start honouring your non-negotiables and begin to be non-negotiable with your commitments, only then will you succeed.

You believe and know you are worthy of better things, but you have to first understand that there is a certain type of person that lives that type of life…  there are attributes and qualities that you need to attain to become that person.  Only then will you attain that life.

Write down the non-negotiables inside your life, your families life, your business and Stand by and Honour them.  It could be purely enjoying family quality time every weekend..  Honour that.

If you are not honouring your non-negotiables in your life you need to take action now!  If you don’t you will NEVER ACHIEVE YOUR REALITY.

If you want to change your reality and feel you need help doing that, I am able to help you with that.  Simply contact me at

So please, take action today to change your life and start being non-negotiable in your life and reality.

Take care and see you soon


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