Listen to yourself through Meditation | Daily Meditation

Listen to yourself through Meditation

Close your eyes and go within and listen to the sounds of silence.  I would suggest finding some background music that you can have on ‘softly’ in the background to help you relax.

Here is a link to some music, its 20 minutes long.

Disregard the constant jabbering of the monkey mind that doesn’t seem to know when to shut up. Pay no heed to it, and it will dissipate like a cloud on a windy day.  As each throught comes, just push it away.

Let yourself drift like a feather gently seeking its way to the ground without the help of anything or anybody.

While softly settling in, focus on your breathe. Feel it as it expands in the lower body area (your belly) and then leaves through the inhalation of the nostrils. Be aware of the movement in the chest, the abdomen or just in the cavity behind the nose, the mouth and the eyes.  Redefining Love

Use that breathe as an anchor. Become so familiar with it so that you can gently nudge your attention back to it when your mind slips from the silent stillness and seeks to cling to a thought, an idea or a concept.

Let them all go

It is in this deep silence that you can discover the Source of Life. You’ll know it when you touch it. Like magic, you’ll realize that for a moment you have no worries and no desires. You will be exactly where you need to be and know that everything is just right — right nownow in the moment.

By stilling the mind and touching the Source, you’ll be able to contact the Wisdom You Were Born With. It is the wisdom of love and compassion with an understanding that we are all one, all together in a universe that works in union with us and all other sentient beings. This wisdom offers unconditional love and acceptance and provides the creative spark your intuition can tap into once you ask its counsel and guidance.

Did you receive a message?

Now try it again and again,

Listen to yourself through meditation

If you have any questions, feel free to conect here now

Practice it daily and then share it with friends who are seeking to find their true selves. It will help you and me attain the happiness we’ve been yearning for all of our lives.


Be amazing,

Diane xxx


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