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If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to have a plan to help you get to the end result => your goal!  Goals need to be realistic and attainable so don’t set them too high to start with but put the same energy into them.

Our“consciousness” is the key to wealth, as you achieve one goal, you then set a new higher goal and you keep stretching yourself, growing and learning what consciousness is,goal setting a lifestyle.  You need to connect through you subconsciousness to make that your true consciousness.  I will not go any deeper into this at this point as that is a whole set of training all on its own.   

Believing and telling yourself that there is always enough money for me to live and maintain the lifestyle I desire and have, we ensure that you get it.  As mentioned above there, is more involved to it than this, there is a language you need to understand to bring this about effectively, but this is the jist of how easy it is for us to attain things in our lives.   

Live by design 

We need to design our live through Goal Visualisation, Imagination and Planning. This is where goal setting comes into it.

Goal setting steps :

  1. List what you would like to have and what you would like to be in the next 30 years.
  2. List everything, small and large, places you want to visit, things you want to have experienced, residences ~ dream home, partners, charities that you want to support, people to meet, clothing, new car, list at least 100 things. Now for each goal that you wrote down, write down the reasons why you wrote them down.  The reasons will empower you and give you the passion to achieve your goals.
  3. Get pictures from brochures on magazines, cut them out and stick them in your goal journal.  Refer to it twice-daily, make a collage and put up above your desk (that is where mine is) anything that you can remind yourself of what it is your goals are, and what you wanting to achieve.  Refer to it at least twice a day and envisage the people that you want to have around you when you’re experiencing what it is that you’re visualising in your journal or from your collage.
  4. Read your list and look at your photographs and pictures daily and imagine yourself there, feel it, feel that the heat of the sun if you’re looking at a picture of the beach, feel the crispness of the air if you are snowboarding or snow skiing. Feel the crunch of the snow below your feet, feel the sand on your toes from the beach, smell the food that you looking at to eat and taste it.  Make it as real for you as you possibly can and your mind will begin to believe that’s what you doing now. 
  5. Every day do something small to move you closer to your goals act with purpose and genuine desire don’t ‘hope’, this will happen, “hope” will not get you there, you have to believe in it. You had to have a purpose and you have to be convinced that it’s actually happening now, which is why bringing in all your feelings is so good.   Let me help you through the process, click here now! 
  6. Do everything that you think about for your goals, with gratitude.  Think, speak and act with gratitude.  Be grateful that you already have what you desire as they are already by universal law ~ yours.Make things happen 
  7. Enjoy your fruits.  Enjoy and celebrate your goals when they become a reality. No matter how small celebrate them and make them real for you. Make sure that your journal is portable if you’re using one, write in it every day. Also write your problems down, your sufferings and your feelings, these all help you move to becoming more positive. Write down good ideas and inspirations when you get them especially shortly after meditation waking up in the morning just write everything in your journal. If you don’t have a journal with your photographs, Just journal at your desk where you can see and visualise your collage while you’re writing down your thoughts.

My final advice on what will be, always right in the present tense I am, I am not, eg: I am going to bed.  Co-incidences will start to happen and they will take you along the way, guide you on the path that you will need to take to achieve your success.

Enjoy the journey you never know which direction its coming from!

Please remember, you need to do your goal setting!


Be amazing


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  1. wow Diane, you really put together a great outline on setting goals. You didn’t leave anything out that I can see. Thank you for the value in this post.

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