Poverty Consciousness | What is Poverty | Get out of Debt

Do you live in a world of poverty consciousness?

Have you ever wondered how poverty consciousness or poverty is created and what you can do to step out of it?

Do you live every day with the fear and the knowledge that you are ‘broke’ and that you won’t have money to pay your bills? Or, do you let it all go and live in the now having the faith that it’ll just take care of itself.

Sometimes it happens that we become overly entangled in the material world and get wrapped up in feeling that we always need more money. This idea of lacking money sends toxic stress chemicals to the brain causing the body to fight or flee for its life.

Debt Causes Toxic Stress

Anytime we repetitively feel that there is not enough of “this or that”, it forms a chemical rut of impoverished thinking in our body-mind which depletes our energy, manifesting vibration, and financial outlook on life. Every time this lacking feeling is regurgitated it creates mini “poverty attacks in the inner world, which eventually manifest into physically lacking finances on the outer world.

The good news is that this entrapped cyclical experience is only here to give you an experience of what you don’t want, so that you are inspired to one day become clearer on what you really DO want! The enlightening secret is that this pattern is easily shifted by simply refocusing your awareness OFF of neediness and ON to feelings of gratitude and appreciation. 

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~Buddha

When you put your attention on feelings of acceptance and gratitude for what you do have, you start sending positive expansive feeling based chemicals directly into your brain which are felt throughout your body.

The more frequently these “appreciation chemicals” are produced, the happier you become and the higher your manifesting vibration grows. This vibrational inner shift causes you to physically attract that higher paying job, a huge contract, that wealthy client who loves you, or a sizeable check from that special person in the outer world.

Even though your financial situation may be struggling, impoverished, or absolutely bleak for years, it really does not matter. You can instantly shift into the experience of feeling more abundant and start manifesting abundance! Simply refocus your attention for 24 hours on deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Choose to focus on ANYTHING that you can authentically feel deep gratitude for. We live in an abundant conscious Universe. With patience, you will soon begin to see these physical manifestations of abundance come your way.
We need to actively use our past to improve our present the present is the moment of the past, there is no future there is only the now. Click here to join me and let me help you achieve your life change.

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Sponsoring thoughts come from our subconscious is when you’re hungry for something internally and a subconscious that’s what drives are fought and to be aware of an correct response and forwards to be positive and not negative otherwise we’ll bring into your life is negativity

As most of our lives make us become what we think about most of the day ensure that your thoughts are conscious and deliberate and that you make sure that there positive and driving in the direction of where your goals are that’s how you will achieve your goals

Did we want to be in the mind first live it, feel it in your mind first, and then you will achieve it

The Bible tells us “Ask and it shall be given”, “Seek and you shall find”.

If you have a desire that is really burning that you want to achieve then you must ‘WILL‘ it to come into manifestation you attend it wholeheartedly, clearly focused, and with certainty to pass this content onto the source and whichever way you know how

Clearing Debt suggestion

Consistent gratitude is the easy track to ending poverty internally and externally. When your abundance is measured by how deeply you FEEL abundant and how often you visit this feeling, then your experience of being rich is truly unstoppable. This is the most direct path to financially magnetizing massive abundance to you in the outer world.

If you are currently living in a mindset of poverty consciousness only you can change that into one of financial abundance so in ending I wish you all the best in living behind your poverty consciousness and moving into a wealth of abundance must your mind control is what happens to you so be mindful of that, think it and believe it, live it daily achieving financial abundance will then come to you!poverty conscious

Go deeper inside. Explore what is beneath those old paradigms that make you struggle more, work harder (and not smarter) to achieve unnecessary stress and make you feel less successful and abundant. There is a much more expansive, empowering belief system available. You can begin to form these new beliefs today by living as if you have already arrived at this abundant life that you love.

Should you need help to change your mind set, just join me and I will gladly work with you to achieve this change.

This is a proven practice that has helped millions of people of the centuries, but you have to truly BELEIVE it to make it happen.

 I hope that you have enjoyed my blog on 

Poverty Consciousness | What is Poverty | Get out of Debt

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22 thoughts on “Poverty Consciousness | What is Poverty | Get out of Debt

  1. Interesting article Diane. I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic of Law of Attraction. Frankly it has been difficult for me to believe that simply shifting thoughts can alter my external world. I know there are many practitioners in the world so there must be something to this. Somehow I need to devise some daily routines where I can test and see for myself if this will work for me or not. Thanks for your information.

    1. hey John, thanks for the great feedback. I do my positive sivualisation every morniing beore getting up and last thing at night. Pleased you enjoyed it

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for you comment and feedback. Really graet to hear that you took something away from my post 🙂

  2. Totally agree Diane, visualization and attraction for wealth are very much a thought pattern. And unfortunately if brought up in a poverty lifestyle. Creates the same process all over again to the next generation. Continue to follow your journey Diane. 😀

    1. Hi Dave, great to see you here. We have as humans lost the way of using our power correctly and speaking the true language that is required. I am so pleased I have now discovered this energy language…. Thanks for your feedback

  3. Good one Diane! I really believe in the Law of Attraction and had already had it work for me before I actually knew what it was….so it was easy for me to believe in it when I did find out eh :))

    1. Hi Cheree, I just love how the Law of Attraction works, I am learning more an more about it every day. Pleased that it is working for you, nothing brings a nicer feeling when it does and you recognise it.

  4. This is amazing Diane! Prosperity Consciousness is one of my favourite topics of all time 🙂

    I agree with you that being wealthy is not being greedy. When you think about it, the more money you make means the more people you’ve helped by providing them valuable products and services they want. Also, the more money you make, the more people and charities you can help. And, of course, the more you can experience life too!

    1. Could not hav put it better myself Alex, I have two passions for when I am that wealthy and one is for elephant rescue and the other is for heping a local rescue centre close to where I currently live. They do such an amazing job purely out of donations.

  5. Absolutely, it is necessary to have a positive mindset in regard to money if we are to receive money. And not having it is draining and stressful. Appreciation and clarity about what we want are essential. Thanks for these points of mindset change Diane.

    1. My pleasure Carol, so many people think they do not deserve money or that once in debt its there lot in life. It can all be turned around by only ourselves. Thanks for that great feedback

  6. Hi Diane. I like your three steps to change to a wealth consciousness… a desire to be wealthy, a creative mind and having gratitude. These are powerful things. Cheers, Ron

  7. When we get caught in one of those downward spirals it can feel impossible. Your suggestions are great for putting the breaks on and reversing the direction. Great share Diane!

    1. Hey Marian, thank you so mucy for your commet, pleased you found value in what I had to share.. Hope to see you back here!

  8. I must admit for a few years I went back into poverty consciousness – it took quite a grip on me & I’m now climbing my way out of the hole that I dug for myself. Thanks for this great article.

    1. Hey Alex, thanks for our feedback. I am so pleased to hear that you are climbing out of there, its not the place to hangout lol. Pleased you could resonate with my blog.

    1. Hi Marian, thank you so much for your comment. Pleased that you found my post interesting. I could not agree more about the toxic levels and stress that poverty consciousness can cause.

    1. Lol it sure is especially if they ever want to get ahead financially in life. Thanks for your comment

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