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So, who reads self-development books?  Seriously, reads them!

I can just hear you all, ‘who has time for reading?’  Yet in today’s times we still need to read.  Not only read, but read books that will help develop our minds and get us motivated with life again.

Self-Development Books

I am an online Life Coach and cannot stress how important it is for us to all keep growing mentally through the years.  It helps to build things like:

  • Self confidence
  • Happiness
  • Personal growth
  • Belief in one’s self
  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Sincerity, and so much more

If you look at the world not only in the present moment, but also in the past, you will notice one thing all leaders and wealthy people have in common, and that is reading self-growth and self-development books.

Here is a short video on this topic.

‘Relaxing’ in front of the TV

Do you spend time ‘relaxing’ in front of the TV, watching reality programs or the news?  Do you realise how depressing and stressful that is for your mind?  Nothing ‘relaxing’ happening there.  Most of what is shown on TV is violence, shootings, home invasions, murders, drugs and much more along along the lines of unpleasantness.

I personally cannot believe how many hours I used to sit in front of the TV, watching all those programs and advertisements, telling me what I ‘HAD to have in my life to be happy…  What a load of BS.  Watching the news about ‘who shot who’, or ‘stabbed who’ or ‘which child was abducted’, seriously that is ‘relaxing’?   Not in my life …

We as humans have become so programmed as to how we should behave that we have given up on the simple pleasures such as reading a book.  Become a better person and pick up a self-development book and read it.  Just to it for 15 minutes a day and you will begin to see a huge change in how you view life!  Now I am not talking some romance novel here, we are talking about books that teach you how to improve your life, self awareness, meditation, how to live in the ‘now’ and much much more….

A list of books I can personally recommend are:

  • Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill
  • E-Squared ~ Pam Grout
  • The Alchemist ~ Paulo Coelho
  • A Happy Pocket Full of Money ~David Gikandi
  • 4 Hour Work Week ~ Timothy Ferriss

If you are interested in finding out more ways to improve your life or to change where your life is going, I would love for you to reach out to me by clicking the link below and providing me your email.  I will be in touch.

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In closing, being an Online Life Coach and can only recommend that you give Self-Development Books a go.


Be amazing



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6 thoughts on “Self-Development Books | Online Life Coaching

  1. I’m with you Diane. Sitting on the couch wasting life away is not for me. I have so much to accomplish yet. Filling my mind with positive information through reading is one way that will help me do just that. Cheers….Ann

    1. Ann, I used to sit on the couch as well as tape shows so there was always something to watch… Now my TV is literally a white elephant in the lounge as it hardly ever gets used any more. Like you, I am learning so much more through reading than I could ever watching the shows I used to watch… Thanks for your comment

  2. I think one of the most important things about reading is that it enables you to believe that you really are special and they you do have a unique talent or gift that only you possess. And once that realization sets in, your whole world changes.

    So YES!!! Do read!!!

    1. Hey Erica, thanks for that. I am so pleased I went back to reading but not novels, books that are helping me to grow both as a person and expand my mind. I have noticed huge changes in me over the last few months and am loving who I am becoming. Thanks for your comment

  3. I’ve been reading personal developments books for quite some time. I know that they have helped me shift my thinking and perceptions of the world around me. I know these books were directly responsible for my business success. Continued success to you Diane.

    1. Hi John, I could not hav put it any better myself, so thank you for your comment and feedback. Hope to see you back on my blog again soon…

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