Do Challenges Make you Fearful?

Do Challenges Make you Fearful?

If someone set you a challenge whether it be at work, your pursonal growth, such as making a video or just stepping out of your comfort zone, is your first response to just shrug and walk way? Do you live in a life RULED BY FEAR?

Below is a video where I tell a story about a young girl who took up a challenge.

I hope that you found something to take away from my video. 

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Do Challenges Make you Fearful? Are you Ruled by FEAR?

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22 thoughts on “Do Challenges Make you Fearful?

  1. Our minds are so powerful that we can achieve anything, be anything! It’s our self beliefs that prevent us from doing so. Excellent story Diane 😀

  2. Great blog post! When your why is strong enough you will stand up for it. I love the story you told. Many people won’t stand up because they fear challenge or confrontation. However, what they don’t realize is that is exactly how you get what you need as well as grow as a person to have gone through it. Keep inspiring!

    1. Thanks Linda, that little story really resonated with me when I read it, pleased you enjoyed my story telling lol. Yes facing our fears is the best way to move on and get ahead… thanks for your comment

  3. I’ve always loved that story as well.

    When you want something strong enough, you will find a way. Other that that you find an excuse.

    1. Hi Marian, it is a lovely but very powerful story. If the will is there, you will find a way….

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for that, I so believe in manifesting what we want! Folk just have to learn ‘how’ again.

  4. Awesome post Diane! I LOVE Think and Grow Rich and that story of the little girl was one of the very first personal development concepts I read that changed my life. I used to shy away from challenged… now I welcome them because they mean I’m heading in the right direction in life.

    1. Well thank you Alex, I am pleased that it was special to you as well as I found it just soo powerful the way she took that challenge on head first, and yes, challenges are there to help us steer our lives

  5. If you really want something so bad, stick to it, keep on persisting until you get it. You only fail when you quit. Just like the girl in the story, she never gave up until she got what she wanted. So should we. Great message Diane! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Diane, great post – and sharing. I know that magic happens just outside my comfort zone, so when someone offers me a challenge I have trained myself to silent that fearful voice and say Yes. Great things happen s a result.

    1. Awesome Kym, its amazing what happens once we learn how to silence that inner little voice that we all have… The magic is amazing!!! I love it.

  7. My dear friend Diane. Even though I’ve commented before, I still love your video on the kid with the 50 cent story. 😀 Much love and hugs to you.

    1. Hey Dave, thank you so much for that. I love watching your videos by the way and look forward to reading your blogs!!

  8. It’s very interesting indeed what we can manifest through our minds if we really want it bad enough. This is what many people just mindlessly living their lives haven’t grasped yet. Success comes from wanting something bad enough and actively working towards it.

    1. Hey Nathan, thanks for taking time to read my blog post. Can only agree that success will come to those that want something bad enough and actively do something to help themselves get there.

    1. So true Sheena, but not everyone can do that easily. Pleased you found it interesting though..

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