Coaching With Diane

Hi, I’m Diane,

I specialise in Coaching people, through their Challenges to Success through Mindset training…to being the Best Possible Version of themselves.

I Show You How Powerful You are, How Worthy You are… How Amazing You are..

I show you how to be the Best Version of Yourself using the Law of Attraction….and Empowering yourself using different NLP techniques if necessary.

Do you realise how much our Mindset controls our life, it is Everything… Without a Good Mindset, we simply cannot enjoy life.

… Life is for living, enjoying and so I’m here to help You To be able to Live your Life to your Full Potential….

I have spent many years “Immersing myself in Empowering material’. It enabled me to get through many challenges in my life, it also lead me down the path of learning and taking courses so that I could help others who were lost and had low self-esteem to discover the true reason they are on this planet,  and hence now I am able to help others.

You are More capable than You know….

How Often do you look in the mirror and tell that person who looks back at you,
how wonderful they are?

You have achieved so much in your life to get to where you are now
…  It’s time You Celebrated the fantastic person you are…
I work with you, One On One to help you  Achieve Your Goals…Turn your Life Around, Get through whatever Challenges you are facing….

Fall in Love with YOU…   Redefining Love!

Yes thats me having fun..which is important in life,

I teach you that too!

So A Bit More About me…who am I?

Who is Diane Purdy?

I am a Single Mum to an amazing son, who has not yet ‘left the nest’…

limitsgone redefining love

I am originally from South Africa to be precise, but  live between the Australia and South Africa.

In my life, I have been through many challenges, some more and some less than others… but I have got through them all and come out the other side with the attitude ~ ‘If I Can Do It, You Can Do it’…

I grew up a very insecure young girl in South Africa, and whilst I went through bullying and insecurity, I still managed to achieve ALL my goals which were..

  • To become a Home Owner
  • To Learn to Scuba Diver
  • To Learn to Parachute
  • To Learn To Drive
  • To have Children
  • To own my own company, and
  • To Travel the World…

YAY I achieved them all….!!

I haven’t finished travelling the world Yet… Oh SO much more to go… but I am a good driver !! 🙂


I am a very good Business Woman;

and my son tells me I am a great mum.

My life has always been  about helping other people, whether thats been through mentoring, social media work or now Coach and Blogger..

I am Absolutely Passionate about helping people, like me..whether thats single mums (or dads) people who have suffered low self esteem… bullying or whatever challenges you are going through.

I have been through and come out the other side Bullying, both at school and in the work place Low Self Esteem, feeling not good enough.

Divorce, single parenthood whilst living away from my family and friends.

Bereavement, ill health and Anxiety Attacks

Bullying in the work place…

To know that You Can Get through those challenges and come out Wiser and Stronger and Knowing,

that there is a beautiful Life just waiting for you…

I am Absolutely Passionate about helping and showing You, how you can be that person you strive to be, because simply you deserve it….

Oh and a little secret about me… I didn’t use to like my laugh, because my whole face creases up when I laugh, then I started to embrace it, because Im happy… and laughing is soo good for you…

I like to work with you on an ongoing basis to get to know you and to build up consistency…

So We work together in the first instance for a month….

Some Testimonials

Diane … I just wanted to share with you, that I did it !! I flew, by myself, and met some very nice people, on the flight. !


Thank you so very much, for inspiring and encouraging me. You are the BEST ! Karla

Never seen a woman of character and enthusiasm like you

You are lovely


I am grateful to Diane for becoming my mindset coach/lifecoach.

During our regular catch ups Diane has listened and provided suggestions and feedback that have kept me focussed and motivated.

She has not been afraid to challenge me which has allowed me to take a good look at myself and realise how I’m going to achieve what I want out of life.

It is very clear that Diane loves what she does,

she is an extremely passionate and positive person.

Diane has provided me with tools and exercises that have

helped me dramatically and for this I’m thankful



I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your Goals 🙂